The COVID-19 pandemic has made the persistent opportunity gaps affecting our most disadvantaged students even more apparent. This disruption—to our lives, communities, and schools—brings us to this moment: one where we must write the next chapter in education, together.

This is what #TurnThePageProject is all about.

We know there isn’t one solution to the challenges students face. An idea that helps one community isn’t necessarily a good fit for another. But we do know that moving forward will require listening to and elevating the inspiring people, places, and programs that are expanding our thinking beyond the limits of today’s education system.

#TurnThePageProject is bringing together the doers, thinkers, and learners at the heart of this unique moment, one that can catalyze the reimagination and reinvention of schools as we know it.

Together, we can ensure this is a moment of reinvention for our schools, for our teachers, and for our students. And together, we can turn the page on an education system that only works for some, and build a stronger and more inclusive system that works for us all.



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